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Many performance enhancers buy Clomid every time they cycle with Muscle Building Supplements. No it is not an Muscle Building Supplement but it can be a very useful tool when Muscle Building Supplements are used. Generally there is one primary purpose of use behind Clomid for the performance enhancer and it revolves around testosterone stimulation. Yes, there is another reason one might supplement but it remains the former is primary. The only other reason one might buy Clomid in a performance sense is as a means of specific side-effect prevention but again it remains testosterone stimulation in one specific period is its primary use. Let's take a look at both as well as the compound itself and you can decide if Clomid is right for you. If you're going to supplement with Muscle Building Supplements, while you may already have a total stack and cycle in mind, it is imperative you plan for your Post Cycle Therapy (PCT), as this will play a massive role in-regards to the total success of the cycle. When we supplement with Muscle Building Supplements, our natural testosterone production is suppressed, and when use is discontinued the first order of business is to bring this production back online. There are several different things we can do to achieve this end, and if you buy Clomid you have chosen one of the most effective; in-fact, this is the most common reason anyone will ever buy Clomid.

Clomid Overview:

%%Panel.AdPGH%% Clomiphene Citrate is a Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator (SERM) most commonly referred to as Clomid. By its nature Clomiphene increases the production of gonadotropins and in medical practice has been used as a means of ovarian stimulation. This is the basis of the SERM and by this action you're obviously asking why on earth as a performance enhancer would you ever want to buy Clomid? As stated this is not an Muscle Building Supplement, it's not a peptide hormone of high Muscle Building power and will provide no traits of a highly desired nature for a performance enhancer; however, it is still highly recommended. Performance enhancers who understand Muscle Building Supplements already know why and as such buy Clomid every day.

Buy Clomid for Gyno Prevention:

Gynecomastia, commonly referred to as Gyno, while not threatening in a strong physical sense is one of the most dreaded side-effects of Muscle Building Supplement use. Simply put the definition of Gyno is male breast enlargement and if you're a guy the last thing you want is a giant set of knockers. The number one reason this side-effect occurs is due to a buildup of estrogen in the body. Many Muscle Building Supplements that carry an aromatizing nature convert into estrogen and as this buildup occurs the hormone attaches to the receptors causing Gyno. Not all Muscle Building Supplements aromatize and those that do aromatize often do at different rates. For example, Nandrolone does aromatize but only at about 20% the rate of Testosterone. Then we have progestin base Supplements that while they do not aromatize they can cause Gyno by their progestin nature. Pure progestin based Supplements carry less potential for causing Gyno but it is still a possibility in those who are sensitive to the condition. To combat this side-effect many buy Clomid as it has the ability to prevent it. Clomiphene does not reduce estrogen in the body as is often thought by many but by its nature binds to the receptors thereby preventing estrogen from binding. This can protect from aromatizing Supplements but if the Gyno is occurring due to progestin Aromatase Inhibitors (AI's) will be far more efficient. Further, AI's will be more efficient regardless as they actively inhibit the aromatase process from occurring as well as reduce the total amount of estrogen in the body; AI's such as Arimidex and Letrozole are perfect. While Clomid can provide protection the SERM Tamoxifen Citrate (Nolvadex) appears to do a better job; again, AI's are always superior. In any case, if you buy Clomid for Gyno protection and it doesn't work you can try Nolvadex but in most cases you're going to need an AI. Further, SERM's like Clomid and Nolvadex do very little to combat other aromatase based side-effects such as water retention; again making AI's the best choice.

Buy Clomid for PCT:

When we supplement with Muscle Building androgenic Supplements our natural testosterone production is suppressed. How great the suppression is can vary tremendously from Supplement to Supplement but it will occur regardless. For example, Oxandrolone (Anavar) only suppresses mildly while Nandrolone based Supplements suppress dramatically. Nandrolone suppression is so great a mere 100mg in one single injection is enough to cause 100% total suppression with the use of such Supplements as Deca-Durabolin or NPP. For this reason most performance enhancers will include testosterone in all their cycles. Testosterone is an essential hormone to our health and when levels are below optimal levels for extended periods of time this can be damaging. Once we discontinue our Muscle Building Supplement use and all the hormones have cleared our system our natural testosterone production will begin again; however, it takes time. This is the period in-which most will buy Clomid as it can aid in speeding up recovery in bringing back our naturel production. By its nature Clomiphene actively stimulates the release of Luteinizing Hormone (LH) and Follicle Stimulating Hormones (FSH); two pituitary derived hormones of great importance. Without LH and FSH there is no testosterone production, with a strong emphasis on LH. When LH and FSH are released they signal to the testicles to begin producing the primary androgen thereby increasing our total testosterone levels. The period of use in-which performance enhancers buy Clomid for testosterone stimulation is known as Post Cycle Therapy (PCT). The purpose of the PCT period is as stated to induce natural testosterone production, protect the gains and progress made on cycle and to normalize the body in-order to maintain proper health. Those who discontinue Muscle Building Supplement use and do not complete a PCT period, while their natural production will start again it will take much longer than those who complete a PCT course. It is however very important to note; many assume a solid PCT plan will return their levels back to normal right away; this is simply not true. The best PCT plan in the world, while it will aid in the process it's still going to take some time; it can take several months to bring your levels back to normal even with a PCT plan but it can take as long as a year or more without it. If there was ever a time to buy Clomid the PCT period is it hands down.

The Bottom Line:

Those who buy Clomid have in-fact purchased one of the best SERM's on earth. While it can protect against Gynecomastia there are better options but this does not take away from the SERM's importance. Clomiphene Citrate is one of the best PCT supplements we can use and as the PCT period is very important it only makes sense to choose high quality items. In any case, if you buy Clomid you will find it is commonly available in tablet and oral liquid form. Regardless of the form, if it is manufactured properly there is no difference; however, there are very few liquid manufactures that do a good job and one must use caution if they make such a purchase. In the end the truth is simple; Clomid is a great product that while it may not carry exciting performance benefits is just as important and that's the bottom line.  

Is it for You?

Clomiphene Citrate or Clomid, is a Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator (SERM) that has the ability to tremendously promote natural testosterone production. When you buy Clomid for PCT purposes, it will stimulate the pituitary to release Luteinizing Hormone (LH) and Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) both of which are imperative to natural testosterone production. When LH and FSH are released, this signals to the testicles to make testosterone, and while both are important LH carries the brunt of responsibility.  Without adequate LH and FSH, due to Muscle Building Supplement use your natural testosterone levels are going to be low, and they will remain low for quite some time; as you can already see, deciding to buy Clomid may be a very important decision.

Finalizing your Decision

When your Muscle Building Supplement use comes to an end, your natural testosterone production will begin again; even so, you're not going to be producing very much, and you certainly won't be producing adequate amounts. Once Supplement use has been discontinued, and all the hormones have cleared your system, there's a good chance it could take up to a year for you to recover your testosterone levels; perhaps even longer in some cases. For those who buy Clomid and implement the SERM into their PCT plan, this will not be the case; in-fact, they'll recover very nicely. Those who buy Clomid for PCT purposes, as discussed above this will stimulate natural testosterone production; in most cases, such therapy will last approximately 4-5 weeks. Through the therapy, although your testosterone levels will not be fully recovered, you will now have enough testosterone in your system to function properly and maintain your overall health; further, this will greatly help you preserve some of the progress made while on-cycle. Once you discontinue the use of Muscle Building Supplements, as your body will not have the massive influx of hormones to work with any longer, you are going to lose some of your progress; however, if you do not stimulate your natural testosterone production you're going to lose a lot more. Further, while those who buy Clomid for PCT purposes won't fully recover all of their testosterone production, it's still going to take some time, they will be on the right path, and will fully recover much sooner than those who forgo a PCT plan.

Buy Clomid Tablets & Research Liquids

Those who buy Clomid will find such a purchase can be made in original tablet form or in a liquid state from a research chemical company. In either case, when you buy Clomid in either form, both are the same Clomiphene Citrate; the only difference is its resting state assuming both are manufactured properly.  In the case of Clomid tablets, you will rarely if ever find these to be counterfeited or under-dosed; further, they won't cost a lot at all and will generally always be a top notch choice. Then we have liquid research forms, and the same cannot be said; many people who buy Clomid in this state are often severely disappointed. There are some high quality research chemical companies on the market, some of them make a product that's just as good as any tablet; unfortunately, they are tremendously outnumbered by those who don't. In many cases, those who buy Clomidin this state will have a product that is under-dosed, and in more cases than you might think, one that's unstable and that loses its proper potency rather quickly. Further, some research chemicals of this nature are heavily concentrated on a per milliliter basis, making accurate dosing extremely difficult; none of these problems will ever occur with Clomid tablets. If you decide to buy Clomid from a research chemical company, you'll find you can get a very good rate, but you truly need to do a little homework and ensure the manufacturer of your choosing is up to par.

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