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In the performance enhancing world you'll find many who buy Equipoise for their performance needs as this popular Supplement carries traits well-suited for both bulking and cutting cycles as well as for enhancing direct athletic performance. Designed for use in horses as is evident in the name itself, Equipoise or EQ as it is often known is a Supplement that carries a lot of misunderstanding by many performance enhancers. It is often used improperly; the wrong assumptions are made regarding its abilities and more times than not it is compared to another very popular Muscle Building Supplement and inaccurately so. Before you buy Equipoise you'll find it useful to know exactly what you're getting into and as this Supplement is while not commonly counterfeited it is very commonly sold in a weak and under-dosed manner , as such you're probably going to want to pay close attention before you actually decide to buy Equipoise.

Equipoise Overview:

%%Panel.AdCuttingStack%% Equipoise is a large ester based Muscle Building compound comprised of the Supplemental hormone Boldenone attached to the massively large Undeclynate ester giving the compound an active half-life of approximately 14 days. By its nature the Boldenone hormone like many Supplements greatly increases nitrogen retention and protein synthesis but it is its effect on red blood cells that is of the utmost importance. By direct mode of action those who buy Equipoise have in-fact purchased an Muscle Building Supplement that greatly promotes the release of erythropoietin thereby dramatically increasing the mass and structure of red blood cells as well as the total count. This is largely the manner by-which EQ displays its primary trait; increasing strength and further plays into conditioning factors and overall enhanced performance.

When to Buy Equipoise:

We can buy Equipoise for any cycle; although it will not promote a lot of mass on its own it can work very well in promoting this end by the manner in-which it functions with other Muscle Building Supplements that may be part of a total stack. Further, as this Supplement will increase strength and greatly increase our total rate of recovery it makes it a solid off-season Muscle Building Supplement. When coupled with testosterone and perhaps a solid oral Supplement like Dianabol or Anadrol, those who buy Equipoise for off-season bulking needs will yield positive results. While EQ has its place in off-season cycles it remains cutting cycles are its most efficient point of use. During the cutting phase this Supplement will greatly promote tissue preservation better than many Muscle Building Supplements by the manner in-which it promotes regeneration. Further, it will enable us to hold onto more of our strength and as strength is often lost when dieting this can be very useful as it will help us push harder through strenuous activity. While these are the primary benefits during the cutting phase EQ will also greatly promote a more visually pleasing physique, particularly by enhancing vascularity and hardness to a degree. These traits can be very beneficial to physique athletes as hard and vascular is often part of the total desired package. It must be noted, those who buy Equipoise commonly report massive increases in appetite. EQ can make you very hungry and this can be very useful when bulking but it can also make dieting very hard for some individuals. While this can be a very real effect it does not appear to be across the board as it appears to be a more or less an all or nothing effect. Simply put some will experience appetite stimulation while others will not; there is rarely an in-between. There is no way to predict where you'll fall; you'll simply have to find out for yourself.

Buy Equipoise or Deca-Durabolin – The Stupid Question:

It is one of the longest standing questions among many performance enhancers and it is based on one of the longest standing myths surrounding Equipoise. The question is simple; which one is better; Equipoise or Deca-Durabolin and it is based on the assumption that these two Muscle Building Supplemental compounds are closely related. The myth is just that, a myth; some believe it so strongly they assume you cannot supplement with both Supplements at the same time and you absolutely can as these are two very different Muscle Building compounds. Nandrolone, the active Supplemental hormone that makes Deca-Durabolin is a 19-nor Muscle Building Supplement that carries a progestin nature. Equipoise does not carry a progestin nature nor the reciprocal action associated with it. If there is any Supplement we can compare EQ to it would undoubtedly be the testosterone hormone; in-fact, EQ is almost testosterone with the only difference being a single modification of the testosterone hormone. While there is only a slight difference in the two compounds structures, by this simple modification we have two distinct hormones; even so, they are still far more similar to one another in action than Deca-Durabolin ever will be to EQ. What does this tell us regarding our original question? If you're trying to decide if you should buy Equipoise or Deca-Durabolin the answer is simple; choose the one that best meets your needs and if you desire this can be both. A stack that includes both EQ and Deca-Durabolin is not a bad stack assuming exogenous testosterone is part of the equation.

Buyer Beware:

Countless performance enhancers buy Equipoise for numerous cycles but there is a long standing problem revolving around this hormone. EQ is not the most commonly counterfeited Muscle Building Supplement but there's still a lot of fake product floating around. As you may have guessed it's not all that uncommon to buy Equipoise and actually receive a long ester based testosterone. While this can occur the most common problem is under-dosing; in-fact, the vast majority of Equipoise on the market is severely under-dosed. As a very popular Supplement due to its extremely well-tolerated nature almost every Underground (UG) lab manufactures and sells the compound and almost every one under-doses it. Unfortunately you cannot find Human Grade Equipoise as such a product does not exist. When you buy Equipoise your best bet is always going to be going with a veterinarian grade product as it will be dosed properly and will be exactly what it's supposed to be each and every time. While this is not always an option for many, the vast majority will be forced to stick with UG EQ and while most of it is garbage there are quality forms out there to find. You're simply going to have to do a little leg work to find a good product and be very careful about who you trust. It is not uncommon for performance enhancers to supplement with EQ and get very poor results and they do not get the desired intended results until they administer massive doses of the hormone. The reason for this occurrence is under-dosing; they're injecting say 400mg per week of the hormone and they're lucky if they actually get 200mg of active hormone and do not see the results they desire until they administer massive amounts. If your product is of a quality nature you won't have a problem. High quality Equipoise can provide amazing results with as little as 300mg; the key is finding a high quality product.

The Bottom Line:

A fantastic cutting Supplement by the very nature by-which its primary traits exist, EQ can be very useful when bulking by the manner in-which it interacts with other Supplements in a total stack. While it will not provide massive amounts of mass on its own it will be its strength characteristics that make this Supplement special both in-terms of increasing and preserving. While all of this remains true the key is finding a high quality product and for many performance enhancers this can be a bit difficult to do. While it may be difficult the last thing you want to do is get frustrated and buy a product hoping it's exactly as it's supposed to be. Show some patience, use a little discipline and search out a quality manufacturer. If you can do this you're be able to buy Equipoise in its intended state and in its intended dosing levels and meet your cycles with success and that's the bottom line.

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