It's not an Muscle Building Supplement but numerous performance enhancers buy hCG for their performance enhancing needs due to the benefits held within. Even so there are numerous performance enhancers who do not understand this peptide hormone; they may very well buy hCG but in many cases they're not sure why and they have no clue as to how it works; they simply use it because they've been told to. A lot of this confusion rest in the manner by-which hormones are often perceived; you have so many conflicting opinions it's hard to know who's right and who's spouting rumors and as rumors and myths abound they often gain the label as perceived truth. Without question this applies to hCG as it is one of the most misunderstood hormone on the market. Simply look at the way it's portrayed in popular culture. Athletes are caught supplementing with this hormone and by the manner in-which reporting is done you'd think this hormone was more powerful than a Halotestin-Trenbolone hybrid. Then you have the hCG diets; a fad that has spread like wildfire and reports very different results than media based performance enhancement hysteria. The question, the only logical question, wherein lies the truth? If you're considering supplementing with hCG you'll find the answers here and be able to determine if a purchase is right for you.

hCG Overview:

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG) is a glycoprotein hormone; it is not an Muscle Building Supplement and while a peptide hormone is in no way similar to the peptide hormone Human Growth Hormone (HGH). A naturally occurring hormone hCG is a chain of 237 amino acids that mimics the action of the Luteinizing Hormone (LH); a gonadotropin derived from the pituitary. Gonadotropins stimulate hormonal production; in the case of LH it stimulates the production of testosterone. Without LH there is no testosterone production and as such is essential for the production that takes place in the testicles and ovaries of women. You may already be able to see why so many performance enhancers buy hCG based on this small amount of information, if not it will soon be clear. In any case you may be asking when is the best time to supplement, when is this hormones use optimal and we'll clear that up as well.

Why Buy hCG?

When we supplement with Muscle Building androgenic Supplements our natural testosterone production is suppressed. How great this suppression is will depend on the Supplement(s) being used but it will occur none the less. By its direct and primary mode of action those who buy hCG have found a way to cheat this suppression by providing a testosterone stimulating effect. Recall from above, hCG mimics the release of LH thereby signaling to the testicles to produce testosterone. Is this a natural means of stimulation; not exactly, while SERM's and AI's also stimulate testosterone production they do it by actually stimulating the release of LH; in the case of hCG it's an LH mimicking effect. Even so this mimicking effect can be very useful and as such can be useful during two distinctive periods of use. The next question is which one is best; put simply, of the two when is the best time to buy hCG?

Buy hCG On-Cycle:

There are two periods many performance enhancers find it useful to buy hCG; during the actual Muscle Building Supplement cycle and during Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) recovery. As stated, during a cycle of Muscle Building Supplements our natural testosterone production is suppressed; by supplementing with hCG while on cycle we are able to stimulate a little production; to a degree. Further, as we supplement with Muscle Building Supplements, due to their suppressive nature our testicles atrophy as testosterone is no longer being manufactured to full capacity if at all. If we buy hCG for on cycle use we will keep our testicles full and free from this atrophied state. While all of this remains true and you will find those who disagree, this, while popular is not the best time to buy hCG. The problem with on cycle hCG use is simple; continuous use of the peptide for long periods of time can be damaging to your HPTA. There are performance enhancers who become so reliant on hCG that without its LH mimicking effect they can no longer release any LH on their own and in-turn lead to an assured low testosterone condition. Another reason we're not fans of this protocol is simply because it's unnecessary. If you're supplementing with Muscle Building Supplements the odds are you're supplementing with testosterone and if you're not you should be. Testosterone is an essential hormone to the body, not to mention a great Muscle Building Supplement but the essential nature of the androgen is all we're concerned with here. As such, if we're supplementing with adequate testosterone while on cycle there's no reason to be concerned with testosterone suppression. So what if your testicles atrophy a little; they're not disappearing, they're simply losing a little fullness due to the lack of natural testosterone production by-which they are normally responsible for. In any case, once your cycle is complete and all the Muscle Building Supplemental hormones have cleared your system production will begin again and your testicles will return to their normal size. In the grand scheme of things on cycle hCG use is simply does not take first place in-terms of the best time to supplement.

Buy hCG for PCT:

Without question the best time to buy hCG is for your PCT needs; in-fact, a course of hCG during this phase can transform a PCT plan from average to nothing short of fantastic. Again, when we supplement with Muscle Building Supplements our natural testosterone production is suppressed; this much you understand. Once we discontinue all Muscle Building Supplements it is time to normalize our body and part of this includes getting our natural testosterone production back online. Further, by stimulating production we will also ensure we hold onto more of the progress made on cycle that we might otherwise lose without a solid PCT plan. No, you probably won't keep all your gains even with a good PCT; the lack of the high influx of hormones will not enable you to support them. Even so, a solid hCG based PCT can do wonders. As such a strong testosterone stimulator hCG can rapidly increase the amount of testosterone in your system in the short run thereby allowing for a smoother transition into other PCT medications such as SERM's. A simple course of hCG for 10 days prior to say Nolvadex or Clomid use will greatly prime your body making this the best time to buy hCG hands down. No, even with hCG use and a solid total PCT plan our natural production will probably not be back to full capacity; this can take a long period of time but without such a protocol it could take a year or more and that's no good for anyone.

The Bottom Line:

The truth is simple; it may not be a Supplement and it may not even be all that exciting but those who buy hCG are often massive fans of it as it serves its purpose extremely well. For those who run hCG while on cycle will they always fall prey to negative HPTA issues? Of course not but this peptide hormone is far easier to abuse than many realize and it's far safer to simply play it safe. In doing so you are only going to want to supplement with the peptide when it is most beneficial and as this is the PCT period it is the only period when we truly need to buy hCG. In the end those who buy hCG for their PCT needs will have a far more successful post cycle recovery; the transition will be smoother, they'll keep more of their gains and they'll simply be happier individuals and that's the bottom line.

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