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Designer Supplements, in the world of performance enhancement, there are very few words that should be viewed with as much suspicion as designer Supplements. First and foremost, when most people hear this little two word phrase they probably get a little excited; after all, throw the word "designer" on anything and it has got to be top of the line. Let's be clear right from the get go; in most cases, when you see the words designer Supplements you need to turn and walk away. These are two words that have largely been hijacked by unscrupulous supplement manufacturers, and in most cases, these products are nothing short of garbage. In some cases, garbage might actually be worth a little more; they are often truly that pathetic. Such a label is often no more than a marketing scheme, and while it's quite clever it can be a complete rip-off. As you're now aware of the problem, it must also be stated there are high quality designer Supplements on the market; yes, the word has often been hijacked, but as with all things in life if there are counterfeits there must be a real thing; people only counterfeit what's real. By-and-large, designer Supplements can be broken down into two camps; so let's take a look and see what we can find.

True Designer Supplements – The Originals

%%Panel.AdSpeedStack%% Muscle Building Supplements, there are numerous forms at our disposal, but designer Supplements, this is a specific group of Muscle Building Supplements designed to carry the standard Muscle Building qualities of most Muscle Building Supplements, but to meet the needs of a small, specific group of people. A prime example would be none other than tested athletes and the Muscle Building Supplements that were manufactured for them by the late Bay Area Laboratory Co-Operative (BALCO). Of all the various performance based hormones provided by BALCO, when it comes to designer Supplements it would be Patrick Arnold's Tetrahydrogestrinone (THG) or "The Clear" that is a perfect example in how we define designer Supplements. THG is a relatively potent Muscle Building Supplemental compound, and by design undetectable to Supplement testing. Love'em or hate'em, this is what designer Supplements are supposed to be; not some special Supplement that's so powerful it will transform you beyond standard Muscle Building Supplements.

Acceptable Designer Supplements

Beyond the designer Supplements such as those found in the BALCO scandal, many over the counter supplement companies manufacturer designer Supplements. In many cases, these are the prohormone line of supplements; Supplement derivatives or rather non-Supplemental substances that once in the body convert providing Supplemental action. While most of these supplements have fallen to the wayside due to the Supplement Control Act of 2004, year after year new ones have come out; the market isn't as full as it once was, but they're still there. Of course, normally such products will find their lives to be short lived as they often fall prey to the banned substances list, but as soon as they do a new and improved version is waiting around the corner.

There are actually some very good products that can be labeled as designer Supplements from this category, very good, but there's something else you need to understand. The vast majority of these products that carry this label are as eluded to early on a complete waste of money and nothing short of garbage. In some case, the substance won't be any more beneficial than a multivitamin, if that, but slap some designer Supplements type labels on the package, and it'll sell like hotcakes. With this in mind, before you make such a purchase you need to be aware of the situation, the lack of overall quality with most supposed designer Supplements, and you need to do a little research on the product and company before you make such a purchase.

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