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For the performance enhancing athlete, there are several performance enhancing drugs from which to choose. There are Muscle Building Supplements, peptide hormones, SERM's, AI's thyroid medications and a host of other items the individual may find useful. Within each category, there are also several choices; for example, there are numerous Muscle Building androgenic Supplements, and of each Supplement, there are often numerous variations. Take the most popular Muscle Building Supplement testosterone; it is often provided in six different forms with more than a dozen being available. While we can break down each Muscle Building Supplement specifically, regarding a particular form, one common distinction that provides a lot of understanding is by breaking them down into oral and injectable Supplements, and it is injectable Supplements we want to focus on here today.

Injectable Supplements 101:

%%Panel.AdSpeedStack%% Injectable Supplements are typically defined by the active Supplemental hormone by which they are comprised as well as the ester that is attached. While a Supplemental hormone may come in many forms, it is primarily the ester that is attached that distinguishes one particular form. For example, the popular Muscle Building Supplements Testosterone, Trenbolone and Nandrolone can be found in several forms; each form carries the same exact Supplement but an ester that is unique to its design.

The ester attached to the hormone does not change the hormones specific mode of action but does affect its activity. The smaller the ester the shorter its half-life, the larger the ester the longer its half-life; as such, shorter esters become effective sooner than larger but their total active duration is also less than larger esters. Further, smaller esters take up less mass in the total compound providing more active Supplemental hormone per milligram. To provide an understanding of how esters affect various injectable Supplements we've given you some examples in the charts below. The first chart shows how the ester effects the potency of four popular injectable Supplements; while the second chart shows the most popular injectable Supplements, the ester(s) attached, the total active half-life, any popular trade name associated and the recommended administration of the hormone for performance purposes. As you may have already guessed smaller ester injectable Supplements must be administered more frequently than large esters, but at the same time, there are specific cases where large ester injectable Supplements need to be injected on a very frequent basis in-order to maximize peak blood levels. While this is true, for our purposes here we will keep things very simple and assume all things are equal.


Hormone Ester Dosing Potency
Testosterone Cypionate 100mg 69.90mg
Testosterone Propionate 100mg 83.72mg
Trenbolone Acetate 100mg 87mg
Trenbolone Enanthate 100mg 72mg


Hormone-Ester Trade Name Half-Life Dosing Frequency
Boldenone- Equipoise 14 Days 2x per Week
Drostanolone- Masteron 2.5 Days 3-4x per Week
Methenolone- Primobolan Depot 10.5 Days 2x per Week
Nandrolone- Deca-Durabolin 15 Days 1-2x per Week
Nandrolone-Phenylpropionate NPP 4 Days 3x per Week
Testosterone- N/A 12 Days 1-2x per Week
Testosterone- N/A 10.5 Days 1-2x per Week
Testosterone- N/A 3.5 Days Every Other Day
Testosterone- Testosterone-Suspension Less than 24 Hours Every Day
(no ester)    
Trenbolone- N/A Less than 3 Days Every Other Day
Trenbolone- N/A 8 Days 2x per week
Trenbolone- Parabolan 5 Days 2-3x per week
Stanozolol- Winstrol 24 Hours Every Day
(no ester)    

Injectable Supplements vs. Oral Supplements:

A common question regarding injectable Supplements revolves around how they stack up next to oral Supplements. In many cases, oral Supplements are often quite welcomed by performance enhancers if for no other reason than their ease of use. Further, most oral Supplements are very fast acting and can produce noticeable gains and progress much faster than most injectable Supplements. However, while extremely useful, most men will find oral Supplements to be better served when viewed as supplements to supplemental Muscle Building Supplement use with injectable Supplements being their foundation.

Most oral Supplements are highly toxic to the liver due to their C17-Alpha Alkylated (C17-aa) nature with a few exceptions such as oral Primobolan. While most oral Supplements are C17-aa, most are very toxic to the liver, whereas most injectable Supplements are very liver friendly; again, with exceptions. For example, although most injectable Supplements are very liver friendly Winstrol Depot, the injectable form of Stanozolol is a C17-aa Supplement just as its oral version. Then there are injectable Supplements like Trenbolone, while although not of the C17-aa group can produce liver toxicity when used for extended periods of time.

Beyond liver issues, injectable Supplements have one very significant advantage over orals in that the gains made through injectable Supplements are far easier to maintain, and often far more sustainable. This is not to say you can't keep your gains from oral Supplements, but it has been proven time and time again, if you supplement with only oral Supplements you shouldn't expect to keep much. Again, oral Supplements should be viewed as additions to a cycle, not part of the foundation. To get the most of your Muscle Building Supplement use, you will need to stick tried and true injectable Supplements such as the various forms of Testosterone, Nandrolone, Trenbolone and Boldenone making these Supplements your foundation.


For many, the fear of injectable Supplements surrounds their actual application; for many, the idea of sticking themselves with a needle is anything but a pleasant thought. While many share this fear, for most once they perform their first injection they'll usually laugh as the fear they held will now seem a little ridiculous. The administration of injectable Supplements, when done properly and with high quality products should not be painful. Sure, you're obviously going to feel a little prick when the needle pierces the skin, but you'll be using a tiny needle and not a sixteen penny nail.

The process itself is simple; using a clean never before used needle and syringe you simply inject the solution into the meat of the desired muscle; most will find glutes and lateral deltoids to be by far the easiest and most comfortable. For the glutes, this will be approximately two inches below the lower back and to the outside of the particular glute. Simply drop down about two inches from the lower back towards the center of the glute and move 2-3 inches to the right for the right glute, or 2-3 inches to the left for the left glute. For the lateral deltoids simply inject directly in the center of the lateral deltoid head.

What to Expect:

What should one expect from injectable Supplements; simply put everything one might desire from Muscle Building Supplements. As there are numerous injectable Supplements from which to choose every trait and benefit one could ever want is available. For many performance enhancers, injectable Supplements are all they need; for all the desired benefits can be obtained while keeping the liver safe and healthy. If you want to grow, if you want to pile on massive piles of muscle and strength injectable Supplements are the way to go. If you're looking to truly lean out and display a physique akin to a granite statue, again, injectable Supplements are the way to go. Absolutely, oral Supplements have their place, but they are not essential, as for the performance enhancer injectable Supplements are the end all be all.

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