<p>The truth is unadorned; in-fact, it's beyond apparent; testosterone is one of the single most important hormones we produce. A hormone produced naturally by both sexes, while necessary for men and women, men necessarily need quite a bit more; about ten times the amount. From providing Muscle Building activity, regulating our metabolic rate to a significant degree and even affecting our sexual and mental function, there are remarkably few hormones as important as testosterone. Of course, as you're aware, as we age our testosterone levels begin to fall, and as they fall they begin to do so more rapidly with each passing year. For most men, this decline in production really starts to become noticeable in their 40's, but far more men than you may realize begin to suffer in their 30's. There will even be those of a younger age who suffer from a low level condition, but such an occurrence is rare. In any case, regardless of your age, if you suffer from low levels or simply fall below the optimal range your quality of life will be diminished as the testosterone you need to perform certain functions simply isn't there.</p>
<p>%%Panels.AdTest600x%%Enter Testerone, a total testosterone recovery system. To increase testosterone levels, for years the only true option we had was direct exogenous testosterone therapy; the use of the Muscle Building Supplement testosterone. Of course, there have been other options available, but exogenous testosterone has been the only one of any worth; that is until Testerone. The good news is Testerone will dramatically increase naturally produced testosterone levels; that's right, you will not have to supplement with any Muscle Building Supplement. Further, by approval, this total recovery system is legal without a prescription and comes with the science and data to back its claims; if you know anything about the supplement industry, then you know this is a unique claim very few supplements other than Muscle Building Supplements can make.</p>
<h3>Testerone 101:</h3>
<p>As eluded to above, Testerone is a total testosterone replacement system that carries a licensed and legal manufacturing process, and is legal to purchase without a prescription. Unlike traditional "testosterone boosters" where Testerone truly shines is in the fact that it not only works, but it does so quite substantially. By its nature, Testerone functions directly with your own natural androgen production by enabling such production to be far more efficient. What this means to you is more natural testosterone is produced; that's right, natural testosterone.</p>
<p>By design, Testerone has the ability to increase total testosterone levels by as much as 50% in only a few weeks, and it largely does so by providing 24 hour continuous therapy. A total replacement program broken down into a day and nighttime formula, Testerone provides your body with the ability to produce more testosterone in the day, but it is the nighttime activity that is the most important. When we rest, this is when our body heals and repairs; consequently, this is when our natural levels begin to climb to their highest state. Through the nighttime function of Testerone, when we wake in the morning we now have a higher initial testosterone level to start the day.</p>
<h3>Testerone &amp; Low Testosterone:</h3>
<p>Low testosterone is a serious condition, for as stated early on it will greatly diminish your quality of life. Men who suffer from low levels find their physique takes quite a hit; they carry less muscle mass, more body-fat, and often find substantial decreases in strength. If that's not bad enough, men with low levels will find improving these areas to be virtually impossible, and of course, it continues to get worse. Men with low testosterone often suffer from erectile dysfunction and a suppressed libido; their immune systems are weakened, their mental clarity and focus is found lacking and they are often found to be depressed. It's hard to deny; no one wants to suffer from this, and to make matters worse yet again, if left ignored low testosterone can be an open doorway to many conditions of a far more serious nature; Alzheimer's, diabetes, osteoporosis and many other conditions have been linked to low levels.</p>
<p>For the man suffering from true low testosterone or even the man who while still possess some production but not at an optimal level, Testerone can be the answer; in-fact, it's guaranteed. With supplemental use of Testerone, we can see each and every area of our life discussed above greatly improved upon, thereby causing our quality of life to be enhanced. If this sounds like something you'd like to accomplish, there's really no reason not to give Testerone a try.</p>
<h3>Testerone &amp; Performance Enhancement:</h3>
<p>Testerone is obviously perfect for the man suffering from low testosterone, but it is just as beneficial for the man looking for a performance enhancement boost. If you do not suffer from low levels, yet want to produce more testosterone, by the same mode of action Testerone can provide you with the means. By this action, those who supplement with Testerone for this purpose will carry more lean muscle mass; they'll see their strength increase, and their athletic performance improved. Of course, like men who suffer from low levels they'll simply see their quality of life enhanced. Again, if you have your doubts it's understandable, but as we said, Testerone carries a guarantee, and is the only testosterone increasing product on earth other than exogenous testosterone that can boast such a claim.</p>

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