Tren Reviews

Tren Reviews

Tren reviews can be very useful as they’ll often provide a lot of firsthand experience regarding this powerful Muscle Building Supplement. Through quality Tren reviews you can learn about many different experiences with the various forms of the hormone, how others responded to various stacks and doses and hopefully avoid any mistakes others before you have made. In reality Tren reviews are as valuable as any review any consumer might be interested in regarding the product they desire but unfortunately here there is a major downside. Many of the various Tren reviews are worth about as much as a used dirty diaper and by many we mean a strong majority.

%%Panel.AdTren75%% There are a couple of common problems with these reviews and they are as follows. The most common problem is inaccurate information and lying based on a predetermined emotional bias. We’re referring to the anti-Supplement crowd; those who will report in a negative fashion regardless of what the truth might be. You can put all the positive facts in the world right in front of their face and they’ll ignore each and every one; in-fact, they’ll probably contort those facts to meet their desired end. The reason is simple; Muscle Building Supplements exist in a bit of a unique state of public perception. Education on the topic is very limited and from an early age most are taught to fear them and out of this fear hysteria is born. Often when you find Tren reviews of this nature you’ll find them to be riddled with emotion and full of supposed facts that hold no support; in many cases you’ll find outright lies but of course most do not know how to spot them.

Then we have the pro-Supplement side of the fence and some of these Tren reviews can be just as bad as those previously discussed. Often these reviews will be full of myth and legend, much of it often derived from the host of message boards from across the net. Many of these reviews actually do have good intentions but regardless inaccurate information is just that, inaccurate and again we’re left with the question; who can you trust when looking for quality Tren reviews? When looking for solid Tren reviews they must be based off the facts and absolutely there are facts regarding the Trenbolone hormone. If we understand what the Trenbolone hormone is, what it does, how it functions and performs we can largely spot the garbage with ease and move on our way to better things.

So what are the facts? Quality Tren reviews will be built around this information to follow; of course a good review is still allowed to share opinion, that is part of the process but the opinion is meaningless if the basic facts are skewed. When looking for quality Tren reviews you should understand these basic facts:

  • Trenbolone is a powerful 19-nor Muscle Building androgenic Supplement
  • Trenbolone carries an Muscle Building rating of 500 and an androgenic rating of 500 as well
  • Trenbolone functions by:
    1. Increasing natural IGF-1 production
    2. Increasing Nitrogen Retention in the muscles
    3. Increasing Red Blood Cell count
    4. Binding heavily to the Androgen receptors
    5. Blocking & reducing Glucocorticoid hormones
    6. Increasing nutrient efficiency (Nutrients become more valuable)
  • By the nature of its traits Tren actively burns body-fat
  • As by its nature Tren is perfect for both bulking and cutting cycles
  • Trenbolone carries side-effects that may include:
    1. Gynecomastia
    2. High Blood Pressure
    3. Acne
    4. Hair-Loss
    5. Insomnia
    6. Night Sweats
    7. Anxiety
    8. Rapid Heart Rate
    • Tren can cause uncontrollable rage: False, no Supplement can cause you to lose control of your own decision making process; they are not narcotics that affect the brain in this manner.
    • It can kill you: There has never been a death directly linked to any Muscle Building Supplement, not one in recorded history.
    • Parabolan (Tren-Hex) is the most powerful form: False, this is a common belief by many but it’s simply not true; milligram for milligram Trenbolone-Acetate is the most powerful Tren form.
    • You must inject daily: False, even with the shortest ester Acetate form you can get by just fine with every other day injections.
    • Tren is not a good bulking Supplement: False; Tren is one of the greatest bulking Supplements of all time. While it may hold more of a special place in cutting cycles its raw power is perfect for bulking; further, as it does not aromatize all weight gained will be pure lean muscle tissue.
  • These are the basic and general facts regarding Trenbolone and if you find Tren reviews that skew from these facts then you cannot take anything they say seriously. Of course you will also find some Tren reviews that hold to the basic facts yet add in many of their own and regardless of the reason for doing this again they cannot be taken seriously. Such common myths and lies include:

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